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Emmys: 30 Supporting Actors Pose for Star-Studded Class Photo

For THR’s annual class photo, 30 top TV actors reveal which co-star they’d call to bail them out of jail, the scene that had them squirming and what their dream spinoff would look like.

The show you never missed as a teen?
“I’d say The Wonder Years. We watched that every single time it came out.”

The co-star you’d call to bail you out of jail?
“Penn Badgley. He’s just solid, so I feel like I could really rely on him to come through. Or he’ll just figure out a way to get through, you know, one or the other.”

What would a spinoff of your show be?
“If there was a spinoff, I would want Peach’s secret twin sister Tangerine to come back and really mess stuff up with Penn and do, like, the reverse stalking so she gets the revenge that Peach never got to have.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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