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Gallery Update | Appearances 2019

Since the gallery wasn’t updated in a while I felt like starting off with Appearances & Events from 2019. All the recent attendences of Shay were added to the gallery. About +150 HQs from this year can now be found in the gallery and I hope there’s a lot more to come.

001~24.jpg 002~28.jpg 003~26.jpg 004~23.jpg 005~18.jpg

001~25.jpg 002~29.jpg 001~25.jpg 002~29.jpg 001~25.jpg

014~5.jpg 017~3.jpg 038~2.jpg 050~0.jpg 077.jpg

001~27.jpg 001~27.jpg 001~27.jpg 001~27.jpg 001~27.jpg

001~41.jpg 002~41.jpg 003~36.jpg 001~41.jpg 002~41.jpg

001~42.jpg 002~42.jpg 003~37.jpg 001~42.jpg 002~42.jpg

001~43.jpg 001~43.jpg 001~43.jpg 001~43.jpg 001~43.jpg

001~44.jpg 002~43.jpg 001~44.jpg 002~43.jpg 001~44.jpg

004~31.jpg 007~19.jpg 009~14.jpg 024~3.jpg 037~3.jpg

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