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Gallery Update | Photoshoots 2018

I’m always looking around to find some new/old photos of Shay so I can share them with you. Since the gallery was last updated in January 2018 I felt like it was about time to share some 2018 Photoshoots with ya’ll. 322 HQs from various photographers were added for you to enjoy!

001~156.jpg 002~151.jpg 003~134.jpg 001~156.jpg 002~151.jpg

001~155.jpg 002~150.jpg 003~133.jpg 005~107.jpg 007~88.jpg

002~73.jpg 003~66.jpg 004~54.jpg 006~41.jpg 007~36.jpg

003~131.jpg 005~106.jpg 010~71.jpg 014~49.jpg 018~40.jpg

002~147.jpg 005~105.jpg 007~86.jpg 009~71.jpg 012~56.jpg

001~154.jpg 002~149.jpg 003~132.jpg 004~117.jpg 001~154.jpg

004~55.jpg 008~33.jpg 011~26.jpg 016~14.jpg 020~13.jpg

001~150.jpg 002~145.jpg 003~128.jpg 004~113.jpg 001~150.jpg

002~146.jpg 004~114.jpg 007~85.jpg 017~38.jpg 024~29.jpg

002~75.jpg 006~43.jpg 017~13.jpg 025~10.jpg 027~10.jpg

002~76.jpg 003~69.jpg 005~51.jpg 008~35.jpg 010~69.jpg

001~79.jpg 002~77.jpg 001~79.jpg 002~77.jpg 001~79.jpg

002~144.jpg 007~84.jpg 011~65.jpg 017~39.jpg 023~31.jpg

008~72.jpg 012~49.jpg 016~37.jpg 017~35.jpg 018~36.jpg

001~80.jpg 001~80.jpg 001~80.jpg 001~80.jpg 001~80.jpg

001~81.jpg 004~58.jpg 006~45.jpg 009~33.jpg 011~28.jpg

001~148.jpg 002~143.jpg 003~126.jpg 004~111.jpg 006~92.jpg

002~142.jpg 003~125.jpg 007~83.jpg 012~53.jpg 018~35.jpg

001~146.jpg 002~141.jpg 005~99.jpg 009~67.jpg 016~42.jpg

001~144.jpg 002~139.jpg 003~122.jpg 005~97.jpg 016~43.jpg

002~140.jpg 004~108.jpg 011~61.jpg 018~34.jpg 019~34.jpg

002~79.jpg 007~41.jpg 011~29.jpg 012~25.jpg 016~16.jpg

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