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Happy 32th Birthday Shay

On this very special day, Shannon Ashley Mitchell was born in Mississauga, Ontario as the oldest child of Precious Garcia and Mark Mitchell. This very special woman, who we now simply call Shay, celebrates her 32nd birthday today. The team of Shay Mitchell Daily has a special message for our amazing idol:

My dearest Shay,
you may not know who I am but that hardly even matters. The fact that matters is that you’ve brought back joy to my life when I saw you on Pretty Little Liars and You, when I discovered how strong and independent you are outside your roles on shows and movies. Just very recently I (Sarah) adopted this fansite to keep your Mitchies updated and to be able to support you and your work even more than before. And let me tell you the following, it’s a pleasure and a blessing. I’m incredibly proud to call you my idol. You’ve been through so much, yet always kept your faith, confidence and smile which did inspire me to continue doing what I love. It brought me to the point in life where I’m doing great enough to slowly get off my antidepressant and to get further in therapy. You’ve made this unfaithful, sad and almost numb human being a strong woman again. How am I ever able to give you back what you’ve done for me? I just simply want to let you know how much I adore you and how much you mean to me. I really hope you’re able to enjoy this very special day with the people in your life you love and appreciate the most. Eat as much pizza as you like ’cause if there’s one person deserving it it’s you babe. Love you lots. Thank you for the past years and here’s just to many many more. 🎉🍕🥂

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