Become Affiliates

If you want to become affiliated websites with Shay Mitchell Daily please send us your application to contact[@]  with “Affiliates Application” as title. Once your website was approved to become affiliated with SMD we’ll notify you via e-mail. Before sending in an application please read the rules below, then send in all required information to our mail.


  • If you’d like to become affiliated websites we ask you for the same.
  • Your website must be a fansite (Tumblr fansites are welcomed).
  • You must update your website at least twice a week, if it’s not updated within a month we will remove it from our affiliates section.
  • Add Shay Mitchell Daily within 3 days to your affiliates otherwise your fansite will be removed from our section.
  • Domains and subdomains are accepted.
  • Websites with hateful or pornographic content are prohibited.


  • Your name:
  • Your site name:
  • Your site URL:
  • What/Who is your blog about:
  • Choose: Elite or Top Affiliates
  • Are you updating your site at least twice a week: