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HATCHland – A blog for before, during + after

HATCHland – A blog for before, during + after

Shay Mitchell, Entrepreneur, Actress, And Founder of BÉIS, Shares Her Journey To Motherhood, The ONE Thing She Is Craving, And How She Plans To Run Her Business After Baby

With a glittering career as an actress (see ‘You,’ ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and most imminently, ‘Dollface’), this stunning entrepreneur and founder of multimillion dollar travel and accessories lifestyle brand, BÉIS, plus YouTube star of ‘Almost Ready’ (a video diary of her pregnancy journey, def tune in!), has a ‘little Shay’ on the way. And, if you don’t know, now you know…this magnetic multifaceted mama-to-be is a total powerhouse.

Nearing the end of her pregnancy, Shay shares how she emotionally made it through the isolation of the first six months, why she gives mad-cred to working while pregnant (with zero plans to stop), and what’s next for BÉIS (mamas, get ready!). Plus, did someone say 7-Eleven Slurpee? @shaymitchell 

Current state of mind?

We got good news today! I went to the doctor, and she’s flipped head down, which is such a relief! Having her face in the right direction lowers our risk of a C-section. Don’t get me wrong, I’m down to do whatever is best for her, but I’d love to avoid a C-section (if possible); I’ve never so much as had a broken bone, so the idea surgery scares me, plus the recovery time on a vaginal delivery is generally far less!

Physically, how are you feeling?

For months, my hands have been extremely swollen with constant pins and needles. Other than that though, I feel great. I have been super lucky in that I didn’t have a lot of the typical pregnancy symptoms (outside of my mental struggles) such as morning sickness or wild cravings. I know some women that are reading this who did have intense nausea or physical symptoms will be like, “wow, F-you,” but that’s the way it has been for me. Physically, I have been very fortunate.

Emotionally, how did you deal with keeping your pregnancy a secret?

The first five months of this pregnancy were super isolating, and I went through a severe depression. I previously had a miscarriage and that experience gave me anxiety about sharing the news of this pregnancy with anyone outside of our parents. With the first pregnancy, I was elated and told everyone at eight weeks. However, I wanted to be sure that this second pregnancy would be viable before shouting it from the rooftops, so I hid it for nearly six months and became very anti-social. Usually, I’m incredibly active and outgoing, but instead, I mainly stayed home to avoid stares and questions. I was extremely lonely.

On top of that, I was gaining weight without having a noticeable bump. I became paranoid that my team was giving me the side-eye (not knowing I was pregnant) and thinking I should hit the gym — which added to my loneliness. I think it’s really interesting that prepartum depression or feelings of isolation in pregnancy are not more vastly discussed…feeling that I was alone in my depression compounded my state of mind, but have found since sharing the news publicly that  many women feel as I did…pregnancy can be a hard time, especially if you’re having to hide it. After I came out publicly, I felt an enormous wave of relief and was finally able to start enjoying the pregnancy.

How did you heal from your miscarriage?

I kept telling myself that everything happens for a reason. To follow a miscarriage with a healthy pregnancy generally means the first fetus was not viable. As difficult as that was to wrap my head around when I was going through it, I tried to remind myself there was a reason the pregnancy didn’t come to term.

Sharing my struggles also helped me heal. As a community of women, we’re getting better about speaking up, discussing our challenges, and shedding light on fertility issues. There shouldn’t be any shame in miscarriage. The support I received from other women when I was trying to recover was so powerful! While everyone’s experiences are unique, we can all benefit from hearing other women’s stories.

001~360.jpg 003~291.jpg 004~258.jpg 005~228.jpg 007~179.jpg

We’re obsessed with ‘Almost Ready!’ Why did you decide to launch this series?

I started my YouTube series, ‘Almost Ready’ as a way to depict the imperfectness of pregnancy, and to be as honest as possible throughout the entire experience. I didn’t want to post a perfectly curated photo with an idealistic caption…it wouldn’t have done this experience justice and I would have felt like a fraud because you can’t sum up the transformation into motherhood with a few perfect images. Instead, I wanted to approach this as a true journey…with everyone. Over the past nine months, there’s been a lot of awesome things and equally not-so-awesome things…it’s all there. To be authentic and relatable I feel that we have to share the good with the bad. Showcasing the real experience has been liberating for me, and hopefully it will help other women feel less alone or self-conscious in their journey.

On filming ‘Dollface’ throughout the pregnancy?

I was cast on ‘Dollface’ when I was in Tokyo with my family at nearly 13 weeks pregnant. Since I knew that we would be done filming before I popped, I agreed to do the show. Honestly, it was the best thing I could have done. Every day I was surrounded by an incredible cast of amazing women that kept me inspired and motivated. In the final month of filming, I came out about my pregnancy to the cast and crew — joking that I wasn’t simply “bulking up” because of the craft table (although I indeed spent a lot of time there!). Just after we wrapped, I went public with the news.

What was that like to share the news publicly?

Total relief. Fortunately, I was able to come out on my terms in exactly the way that I wanted.  I was a little nervous that at some point a photo would be released before I was ready to talk about the pregnancy. I’m so happy it all worked out as I had hoped.

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Sasha Pieterse Reveals How Shay Mitchell Told The PLL Stars She Was Pregnant

Sasha Pieterse Reveals How Shay Mitchell Told The PLL Stars She Was Pregnant

The 23-year-old The Perfectionistsactress caught up with US Weekly at the event, and opened up about how she personally found out that her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell was pregnant with her first child.

“She kept it very, very, very, very secret,” Sasha revealed. “We [the PLL stars] knew that she was trying, but we weren’t sure until she told us.”

She added that Shay actually told them all in a “pretty private way. We all knew at the same time.”

“I’ve seen her go through all these different stages and there was a time where she didn’t even think she wanted kids,” Sashacontinued. “So to be at this point and how excited she is, she’s going to be such a good mom.”

“She’s always been so independent and so strong and confident and I think that’s exactly what she is going to bring to the table with her kids,” she added about Shay. “I think it’s so special and she’s just got such a big heart so that baby is loved already.”

Source: Just Jared Jr.

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Talking beauty with Shay Mitchell

Talking beauty with Shay Mitchell

She has 24 million Instagram followers, almost 4 million YouTube subscribers and another 3 million or so Twitter fans. But sometimes Shay Mitchell just wants a break. With an upcoming role in Hulu’s Dollface, the former Pretty Little Liars star (and mega beauty influencer) shares how she stays balanced and pursues her dreams.

I didn’t always want to be an actress. I never took drama or any of that in high school or elementary—nothing. When I was younger, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I realized that wasn’t the career path I was meant for when I went scuba diving for the first time at 12 and I was terrified of the ocean. At 19, I decided acting is what I wanted to do, after coming back to Canada from living in Bangkok. I’d tried modeling, but it wasn’t for me—I enjoy food too much. I did enjoy the traveling aspect of modeling, and I loved the community that it built and being able to work with a lot of people to get the shot. I realized I could do that with acting and not have to fit into a size 0, so I startd going down the road, and I booked Pretty Little Liars. I was on that show for seven years.

001~266.jpg 001~266.jpg 001~266.jpg 001~266.jpg 001~266.jpg

When I was playing Emily [on PLL], I was a completely different person than her. She had flats and only flats in her wardrove. But when I was playing Peach from You, the majority of her wardrobe was from my own closet, though my hair was a little bit more polished than what it would normally be. Obviously, You is super creepy just because it’s so relevant. It’s really easy to stalk somebody when you just have to follow their social media postings. There are safety precautions that you can take. I mean, knock on wood, nothing has ever crossed the line for me, but I’m very careful. If you post about where you are, people are probably going to come. I always post a few hours after I’ve left. That’s something everybody should do, celebrity or not, lots of followers or not.

I scout most of my glam squad on Instagram. Actually, I first saw Patrick Ta’s work on Instagram, and we had a trial where he came and did my makeup for a job. Now I joke with Patrick: I’m like, “I started you.” I’m kidding, but not. For me, getting ready for an event, most of the time, is more fun than the actual event. Being able to work with a team I feel comfortable with is huge. Back in the day, when I didn’t have a choice, it was a little but more difficult. I have a darker complexion, and I had trouble finding concealers and foundations that worked for me. I would make up my own concoction and take the dark-pigmented stuff and mix it with lighter ones to get my shade. Now there are more options, and I’m working with the best of the best, so I’m not scared to try new things.

I don’t color my hair—that’s where wigs come in. I dyed my hair platinum, and it just wasn’t a good look. My hair broke off and went brassy really quickly. It took a long time to get back to normal. But I do think I’m more experimental now than I was back in my 20s. Now i’m just like, “Why not? It’s just makeup. You can take it off.”

001~265.jpg 002~250.jpg 003~224.jpg 001~265.jpg 002~250.jpg

When it’s up to me, my hair is what it is when I come out of the shower, and then I tend to just have really light makeup on. Skin care is my number one thing. To have good makeupm you need to have  a good canvas to start with. I take off my makeup with micellar water to really get it all off. Undereye cream is crucial—there’s nothing worse than having dryness underneath your eyes. When I do at-home beauty spa days, I fill up a big bowl of hot water and add essential oils, like lavender, and steam my face. If I want to wake up a little bit in the morning, I’ll use citrus oil. And if I have a shoot where I need even more of a wake-up, I’ll put my whole face in a bowl of ice water. It’s really good to depuff your skin.

I never go anywhere without my phone. Because if I were to go on a hike and this double rainbow shows up, I’d have to capture it. just for memory’s sake. But I think it’s important to know when to shut off. You need to be aware that when you look at Instagram what you’re looking at is a highlight reel, not real life. My Instagram feed is super curated—not for anyone else, just for me—but if you go to my Story, I’m taking you behind the scenes of everything. We’re all going through one thing or another, so we don’t need to pretend everything is perfect and rainbows. It gets a little cloudy sometimes, but that’s fine.

I found this little girl online who says “JOMO [joy of missing out],” the opposite of FOMO [fear of missing out]. That’s what I have every day of my life now. I see people going to these amazing parties and these amazing events, and I’m just happy to be watching it from my bed, hanging out with friends, watching Chef’s Table, and eating popcorn.Because when you’re having the most fun, you’re not posting about it. You’re living the moment.

— as told to Cotton Codinha

Source: Allure

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Get The Cover Look | Gritty Pretty Magazine

Get The Cover Look | Gritty Pretty Magazine

She first hit our screens in a major way on hit TV drama Pretty Little Liars, and now with a decade’s worth of experience in the acting industry, 32-year-old Shay Mitchell is continuing to make waves both on and off the screen. Along with launching her own accessories business and managing a massive social media presence, Mitchell is a woman who’s seriously in demand.

Capturing the cover of the Winter 2019 issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine at Los Angeles’ iconic Smashbox Studios, it was a day to be remembered when Gritty Pretty teamed up alongside L.A.-based Australian photographer Sylvè Colless, stylist Monica Rose and Shay’s trusted glam team, celebrity makeup artist Ariel Tejada and hairstylist Jesus Guerrero.

Vivacious and bubbly, Shay’s energy was infectious on set, dancing, singing and laughing in between takes — and filming for her Instagram stories, of course. Renowned by her followers for her signature sultry glamour, Guererro wanted to create an undone, raw edge for her Gritty Pretty cover look.

Shay’s look is very sophisticated and sexy, so I wanted to integrate soft waves to further enhance the sultriness she already has. I wanted to create an ‘I-just-worked-out’ hairstyle for Shay—it’s natural, sexy, and youthful. Firstly, I made sure that her hair was damp but not wet, and I prepped it with a texturiser and roughly blow-dried it in. Once her hair was completely dry, I used a one-inch curling iron to create the waves, alternating between one- and two-inch sections before using a comb to break apart the waves to add volume. Lastly, I applied the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray through her hair, then spritzed with Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion to finish.

— Jesus Guerrero, Celebrity Hair Stylist

Find out what happened behind the scenes of the cover shoot…

Source: Gritty Pretty

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Shay’s New World | Gritty Pretty Magazine

Shay’s New World | Gritty Pretty Magazine

Actress. ENTREPRENEUR. Social media queen. YouTube star. Shay Mitchell talks exclusively to HAYLEY D’ONOFRIO about taking on HOLLYWOOD, building her business and the transformative effects of beauty.

Shay Mitchell has never been one to shy away from experimenting with her look. She recently stepped out on the red carpet at the iheartRadio Awards sporting a platinum blonde wig so cleverly concealed that she nearly fooled her fan base into thinking that she’d coloured her hair. “I love that hair and makeup can make you feel a certain way,” says Mitchell down the phone from Los Angeles in the weeks following her Gritty Pretty Magazine cover shoot. “It can completely change me into a character—I might become Shay-oncé. Or maybe Shay-Lo,” she laughs, the latter she tells me is the nickname her friends coined due to her obsession with Jennifer Lopez. Mitchell’s love of beauty grew from a young age: “Ever since I was little and I saw my mum apply lipstick, makeup has always been something I’ve loved watching,” she says. It’s also something Mitchell likes to share with her over 24 million Instagram followers, regularly documenting her experiences in the glam chair with the likes of makeup artist Patrick Ta. “I work with such talented artists that I love to share the tips and tricks they always share with me—I feel like I owe it to the world,” she laughs.

001~262.jpg 002~246.jpg 004~201.jpg 008~130.jpg 009~118.jpg

At 32, the self-confessed beauty-obsessed actress has spent many a day in the glam chair. After leaving high school with no immediate plans to become an actress, she relocated to Bangkok at 17 to work as a model. “I actually wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger! I think I had an idea that I would do acting later on in life but I didn’t take want to take any drama classes. I’m kind of happy I didn’t because I think I came into acting at the perfect time for me.” Returning to her native Canada, she appeared in Degrassi: The Next Generation—which she explains is a rite of passage for Canadian actors, much like a stint on Home & Away is for Australians—before scoring a lead in hit television series Pretty Little Liars. Playing the role of Emily Fields, Mitchell maintains that doing the character justice was the most difficult part of her seven years on the show. “The writers had given me such a great storyline and it was a really fun  role to play but it was also a really important role to play. I tried not to put too much pressure on myself because I was trying to play [Emily] as authentically as I could.”

When the show wrapped in 2017, Mitchell filmed cult Netflix drama You in New York City. “It had always been one of my goals to live in New York and film something, and I got to really live out my Gossip Girl fantasy by shooting across from Penn Badgley, which was amazing.” And the roles keep on coming; Mitchell is currently in production for television series Dollface, which co-stars Esther Povitsky and Kat Dennings, with Australian Margot Robbie on board as one of the executive producers.

Slated for release later this year, the plot centers around Dennings’ character, who tries to reconnect with her girlfriends after a breakup. “We just did the upfronts together in New York,” says Mitchell excitedly. “The character I play, Stella, she’s the laidback one. She’s a world traveller, easy-going, loves fashion, and has an extreme confidence within her—it has been really fun to play her and experiment with different looks. The script is funny, and it’s a comedy,” a genre that Mitchell says she hasn’t yet dabbled in and is clearly enjoying.

2063115796778999731_6779974.jpg 2063115796778999731_6779974.jpg 2063115796778999731_6779974.jpg 2063115796778999731_6779974.jpg 2063115796778999731_6779974.jpg

Following in the footsteps of other actresses-turned-entrepreneurs à la Jessica Alba with The Honest Company and Gwyneth Paltrow with Goop, Mitchell decided to further her already impressive résumé by launching her own accessories brand BÉIS at the end of last year. Inspired by Mitchell’s love of travel, BÉIS encompasses luggage tags, travel organisers and cosmetic cases in chic, understated tones that are all at an affordable price point. “I think everyone should get out there and see as much of the world as possible—you grow more as an individual,” she explains. “In saying that, some people fear travelling because they’re going out into the unknown, but that should be exciting! It is only exciting if you feel prepared, and feeling prepared means you [travel]  with things that make you feel comfortable. That’s where the idea for travel bags came in; I wanted them to be chic, functional and affordable.”

I work with such talented artists that I love to share the tips and tricks they always share with me—I feel like I owe it to the world.

Starting BÉIS hasn’t been without its challenges though, particularly when it comes to laying down the ground rules—Mitchell is extremely hands on, and across everything from design to product conception and delivery. “It’s different when you’re doing a collaboration with a brand because you’re walking into their world but this is my world that I’ve created and I set the tone. I’m not just the face anymore; this isn’t an endorsement,” she explains. Juggling both careers would be difficult to manage for most but Mitchell takes it in her stride, and thrives on the hectic pace. “It’s what I’m most passionate about. I love being busy about things that I love doing—it excites me to get up in the morning and go to the office or a photo shoot for BÉIS.”

Another arm to her profile? Social media, but Mitchell doesn’t place as much emphasis on it as you might think. She started her YouTube channel well before the medium turned mainstream, as a different way to connect with her audience and to create her own content. From documenting her holidays around the world—also known as her Shaycation series—to beauty and cooking tutorials, her engaging, conversational 

tone and real talk are an undisputed hit with her fans—at last count, she has amassed over 3.7 million subscribers. The same can be said for her Instagram account @shaymitchell, and with that in mind, I ask her what it’s like to directly influence over 24 million people. She pauses before answering: “I never really think of it like that,” she says earnestly. “I’m as authentic as I can be on my socials, and what you see is what you get—that’s who I am, and I don’t take myself too seriously. There are a lot of smoke and mirrors out there, and to be honest, the parties I go to, if they’re really fun, I’m not putting them on my stories. If you’re having the time of your life, you’re not on Instagram.”

I’m as authentic as I can be on my socials, and what you see is what you get—that’s who I am, and I don’t take myself too seriously.

Mitchell’s personal take on social media, and also the importance she places on working—and working hard—is both refreshing and inspiring in a time where the desire for fame and celebrity—both on and off the Instagram grid—is so highly regarded. “At the end of the day there are much more important things to focus on that what I upload to IG,” she explains. “I want to be remembered that I left people feeling a little better than they did before, to make them comfortable and happy, [and to] inspire.”

With plans to expand BÉIS—a luggage collection launches this month—and to continue her reign as one of the up-and-comers in Hollywood, make no mistake, Shay Mitchell just getting started.

Source: Gritty Pretty

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Emmys: 30 Supporting Actors Pose for Star-Studded Class Photo

Emmys: 30 Supporting Actors Pose for Star-Studded Class Photo

For THR’s annual class photo, 30 top TV actors reveal which co-star they’d call to bail them out of jail, the scene that had them squirming and what their dream spinoff would look like.

The show you never missed as a teen?
“I’d say The Wonder Years. We watched that every single time it came out.”

The co-star you’d call to bail you out of jail?
“Penn Badgley. He’s just solid, so I feel like I could really rely on him to come through. Or he’ll just figure out a way to get through, you know, one or the other.”

What would a spinoff of your show be?
“If there was a spinoff, I would want Peach’s secret twin sister Tangerine to come back and really mess stuff up with Penn and do, like, the reverse stalking so she gets the revenge that Peach never got to have.”

001~249.jpg 002~234.jpg 001~249.jpg 002~234.jpg 001~249.jpg

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Shay Mitchell on You, Dollface and Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell on You, Dollface and Pretty Little Liars

Most people with functioning vision would agree that it’s not hard to feel a little awe-struck when catching sight of Shay Mitchell. Impossibly long-limbed, pore-less and waterfall-haired, more often than not her on-screen presence provokes an audible sigh.

She first graced our TV screens back in 2010 as sweet, high-achieving teen Emily Fields in seven-year-long hit show, Pretty Little Liars. Then came horrifying cover-your-eyes exorcism flick, The Possession of Hannah Grace. But very recently it’s the undeniable viral success of Netflix’s teen thriller series, You, that has had everyone (the internet) talking. Penn Badgely stars as Joe Goldberg, a sociopathic book store manager who becomes infatuated with student, Guinevere Beck. Mitchell plays Beck’s wealthy, fabulous, but manipulative best friend, Peach Salinger (what a status surname) – a complete 180° from her gentle long-running character on PLL.

Many stars would feel lucky to snag one such opportunity, let alone two, but the actress’ upcoming project, Hulu comedy series, Dollface, could see her on a winning streak. The show follows a young woman (Kat Dennings) who has to go back and salvage her female friendships after her longterm relationship ends. Mitchell plays her friend, charming and hedonistic free spirit, Stella Cole.

We caught up with the actress ahead of the new show and talked social media, sociopaths and becoming a back-up dancer for Beyoncé

You were fantastic in You as Peach Salinger – what attracted you to the script?
I actually remember reading the pilot while I was on a plane back home to LA. I loved it and remember calling my entire team as soon as I landed to tell them that I needed and wanted to be a part of the project in some way, shape or form. There were three main things that pulled me in straight way: the character was a complete 180 from the other character that I had been playing for so many years; the location was in NY which I was super excited about; cast-wise I have always been a big fan of Penn and his work.

Your character, Peach Salinger, seemed amazing at absolutely everything – did you relate?
I don’t know if Peach was necessarily good at everything; I really think she excelled at orchestrating the people in her life to do things for her, which can be both a positive and negative quality. All that said, she certainly was a good spy and I admired her tenacity and ability to follow her intuition.

In your career, what character have you related to to this most?
So tough to say. I think all actors bring pieces of themselves to their roles, so you organically and naturally relate to them on innate and visceral levels, and vice versa. From Pretty Little Liars, I always admired and related to Emily’s strong sense of loyalty. From The Possession of Hannah Grace, Megan’s courage. From You, Peach’s style.

How did you feel about all the social media fallout of everyone joking about being in love with Penn Badgley’s sociopathic character in You?
I think it’s really important that we acknowledge that people are attracted to Penn or the idea of Joe sans the sociopathic tendencies. I mean does someone really want a weird strange man breaking into your house and stealing your underwear? Even if he is cute? I think there is a super fine line in today’s society regarding mental health – with everything that happens in media and the real world, no person in their right might would ever want a truly sociopathic partner, or wish that for someone else that they care about.

Do you miss Pretty Little Liars?
PLL provided me with a lifetime of memories and lifelong friends, but with anything in life all good things come to an end to make space for new. I don’t miss it because in having that exciting chapter of my life come to a close I have been able to grow and evolve in so many different ways.

Tell us about your upcoming show Dollface
I’ve never done comedy before so the role is a new challenge and avenue for me to pursue; the style lends itself to an entirely different pace than past projects as well, which I’m enjoying. While the comedy role is certainly an exciting change of pace, I am delighted to once again find myself in another group cast filled with incredible women. Esther Povitsky, Brenda Song and Kat Dennings are all such talents, and amazing people in general. I’m so excited about this project!

001~241.jpg 003~203.jpg 004~185.jpg 005~163.jpg 006~145.jpg

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‘Dollface’: Shay Mitchell Joins Hulu Series In Recasting

‘Dollface’: Shay Mitchell Joins Hulu Series In Recasting

EXCLUSIVE: Former Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is set as a lead opposite Kat Dennings and Brenda Song in Dollface, Hulu’s 10-episode comedy series starring and executive produced by Dennings, in a recasting. Mitchell will play Stella Cole, Madison’s (Song) other best friend from college, free spirit, and charming hedonist. She replaces Lex Scott Davis, who was originally cast in the role.

Dollface hails from writer Jordan Weiss (Harley Quinn), ABC Signature Studios and producers Margot Robbie and Brett Hedblom from LuckyChap Entertainment and Bryan Unkeless and Scott Morgan from Clubhouse Pictures (I Tonya).

Written by Weiss, Dollface follows a young woman (Dennings) who – after being dumped by her longtime boyfriend – must deal with her own imagination in order to literally and metaphorically re-enter the world of women, and rekindle the female friendships she left behind.

Dollface is Mitchell’s first lead role in a comedy series. She is best known for her leading role as Emily Fields on all seven seasons of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars. She most recently starred on the hit Netflix series You based on Caroline Kepnes’ bestselling novel from executive producers/writers Greg Berlanti & Sera Gamble. On the big screen, Mitchell led last fall’s Screen Gems’ thriller The Possession of Hannah Grace. She is repped by UTA, Untitled Entertainment and attorney Robert Strent.

Source: Deadline

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Shay Mitchell Reveals the 7 Travel Basics You Should Own

Shay Mitchell Reveals the 7 Travel Basics You Should Own

Welcome to Second Life, a podcast spotlighting successful women who’ve made major career changes—and fearlessly mastered the pivot. Hosted by Hillary Kerr, co-founder and chief content officer at Who What Wear’s parent company, Clique Brands, each episode will give you a direct line to women who are game changers in their fields. Subscribe to Second Life on iTunes, and stay tuned. We’ll be releasing new episodes on Mondays.

Acting on not one but two hit shows may be satisfying enough for some, but Pretty Little Liars and You star Shay Mitchell is determined to pursue a variety of other interests. She’s already written a YA novel and has developed a successful YouTube lifestyle channel, but now she’s pivoting once again to travel entrepreneurship with her brand Béis. On the newest episode of Second Life, Mitchell talks to host Hillary Kerr about her numerous career transitions and why she started her new brand.

When asked about the strategy behind Béis, Mitchell explained that it was important to design true essentials. “I wanted to come out with the basics first,” Mitchell says in the podcast. “If I were to come out with 30 different items, that would be very overwhelming for the consumer. Everybody needs a backpack. Everybody needs a weekender and passport holder. And from that, we just kind of came up with the assortment that we had for our first launch.” The collection also includes four other basics: a duffle bag, luggage tag, a spill-proof bag for liquids, and a cosmetics case.

“I came out with this to create something that was functional, chic, and affordable,” Mitchell told Kerr about the brand. And we have to say: mission accomplished. Subscribe to Second Life on iTunes to listen to the episode and scroll down to shop Mitchell’s brand.

Source: WhoWhatWear

Listen to the full podcast:

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Shay Mitchell | Far overhead, in the Light, receding from View

Shay Mitchell | Far overhead, in the Light, receding from View

If you’re going to be anywhere at 9AM on a Friday morning, you could do a lot worse than Topanga Canyon, with its chaparral-coated hills, eucalyptus breeze, and hazy mysticism that reverberates from somewhere deep within the Santa Monica Mountains.

The morning sun is sparking through the treetops as I pass a rusting statue of a plump pink pig with wings perched atop a metal pole. When pigs fly: an emblem of the canyon’s enduring free spirit, its winking whimsy and dreams of the impossible, its aging embrace of authenticity and spirituality, concepts since co-opted by the entrapments of social media. At one point, I almost drive myself off a cliff draining my second coffee of the day, a necessity since I stayed up half the night binge-watching You (a show so gnarled with thrilling twists and turns that it practically defies you not to watch it all in one sitting) in preparation to interview Shay Mitchell, whose sartorially flawless and emotionally fraught portrayal of crisp and calculating bestie-gone-bad Peach Salinger has a good majority of Twitter all up in a tizzy.

Perched across from me in a treehouse against the side of the canyon, Mitchell is fresh-faced and utterly self-effacing, a far cry from her character on the shrewd stalker drama, who may well be the pouty, possessive poster child for the dangers of unbridled wealth and toxic co-dependency. You, which transitioned from Lifetime to Netflix in December, caught a wave of cultural attention as a sort of soapy love child of Dexter and Gossip Girl, starring Penn Badgley as a pretentious bookstore manager in Brooklyn who stalks an aspiring writer while simultaneously trying to woo her, thanks to ample help from an eager accomplice: social media. Bouncing between self-aware satire and millennial horror story, the series ultimately casts a villainous pall over all of its main characters. Occasionally, it comes across like an indictment of the internet itself, the way interest can fester into obsession under its watchful eye. There are two sides to every coin, every story, and every person.

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High in the hills of hippie country, where talk of social media feels almost sacrilegious, I ask Mitchell what appealed to her about the role. “I thought it would be fun to play the bad girl, but mostly I was drawn to the show because it was so relevant.” Her soft-spoken tone is matter-of-fact. “That’s the state of social media in this day and age. Everything is a highlight reel, everything is smoke and mirrors, and what you see isn’t always what you get. I think that’s what You is trying to get across.”

It’s an idea that hits close to home for the Canadian-born actress and entrepreneur. She is best known for playing Emily on the dark teen drama Pretty Little Liars, which ran for seven years and accumulated a rabid social media fandom comprised of mainly young women. Mitchell herself has a hefty Instagram following (22.6 million, to be exact) and in 2014 launched a YouTube lifestyle channel where she regularly posts makeup tutorials, fitness routines, and cooking experiments, as well as her wildly popular travel series, Shaycation, which documents her passion for globetrotting via glossy, in-depth guides to exotic locales. Merging confessional footage with movie-quality cinematography, it’s easy to get sucked into these educational- meets-eye candy segments, and although you come for the gorgeous views and glam lodgings, you stay for Mitchell—her commentary slips easily between playful and profound, and her easygoing magnetism keeps the series grounded. She never takes herself too seriously, but her earnest enthusiasm for exploring other cultures feels earned. She is somehow both sides of the social media coin, both aspirational and relatable, both hashtag goals and hashtag me.

“When something’s too perfect, it’s not even aspirational, it’s annoying,” Mitchell sighs, closing her eyes as the makeup artist sweeps bronzer across her high cheekbones. “You can see beyond that. My Instagram photos are very heavily curated but my Instagram stories are very real—I like to give people both sides. When I post a photo, I’ll make sure to say, ‘This is the one good one out of 50,000!’ or show the glam team when I’m getting ready. If you want to filter yourself, awesome. If you want to change something about yourself, fine. Just be honest about it!”

It’s not exactly a rallying cry you hear often from celebrities, and it’s refreshing coming from a woman who understands the importance of a well-filtered photo and obviously enjoys the expertise of a well-stacked glam squad. I can tell early on in our conversation that honesty is something she thinks about often, as is toppling the cult of perfectionism that pervades celebrities and women in general. That’s why she started her YouTube channel, as a way to be open with her fans about her passions, her insecurities, her goofy sense of humor: “It’s like, if I can do this, you can do this. Let’s not take it too seriously. Nothing that I’m doing is perfect, and that’s what I want to get across.” She makes videos in order to satisfy her own seemingly endless curiosity, describing her channel as “a platform for me to learn and grow and share experiences, whether that’s traveling to a place I’ve never been or even just trying to do ASMR.” (For what it’s worth, the recent video of her and Internet celebrity Brettman Rock attempting ASMR—a genre of internet videos in which viewers search for sounds that trigger a frisson of pleasure—while eating spicy fried chicken and doing a makeup tutorial had me cackling gleefully.)

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