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Gallery Update | Late 2019

Gallery Update | Late 2019

Welcome back to Shay Mitchell Daily. I’m truly sorry for the lag of updates the past months. So many things have changed in my life and I hardly have had time to update anything. But, 2020 is going to be a whole different thing. You can find all the latest appearances and candids from late 2019 in the gallery, with adorable cameos of Atlas, Shay’s amazing baby.

001~364.jpg 002~327.jpg 001~364.jpg 002~327.jpg 001~364.jpg

001~365.jpg 004~262.jpg 008~166.jpg 018~80.jpg 021~74.jpg

001~376.jpg 006~210.jpg 008~168.jpg 010~147.jpg 014~105.jpg

001~377.jpg 002~336.jpg 003~301.jpg 006~211.jpg 010~148.jpg

001~378.jpg 003~302.jpg 004~266.jpg 005~236.jpg 009~157.jpg

001~379.jpg 003~303.jpg 005~237.jpg 006~213.jpg 007~188.jpg

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Gallery Update | Candids 2019

Gallery Update | Candids 2019

I’m truly sorry for the break and lag of updates. I had a kinda stressful time, but Shay Mitchell Daily is back! And I’m back with lots of amazing candids. Enjoy these cool candids from August and September in the gallery now.

001~287.jpg 007~155.jpg 010~124.jpg 013~99.jpg 014~92.jpg

001~288.jpg 001~288.jpg 001~288.jpg 001~288.jpg 001~288.jpg

002~269.jpg 004~219.jpg 007~156.jpg 011~116.jpg 012~108.jpg

001~290.jpg 003~245.jpg 010~126.jpg 012~109.jpg 015~89.jpg

001~291.jpg 004~221.jpg 005~198.jpg 012~110.jpg 019~71.jpg

001~292.jpg 003~247.jpg 005~199.jpg 009~134.jpg 011~119.jpg

001~293.jpg 003~248.jpg 005~200.jpg 006~181.jpg 007~160.jpg

001~294.jpg 002~274.jpg 004~224.jpg 005~201.jpg 006~182.jpg

001~295.jpg 002~275.jpg 003~250.jpg 004~225.jpg 001~295.jpg

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Trip to Barcelona

Trip to Barcelona

The past weeks Shay has been on a little vacation through some countries (Italy and Spain to be exact). In Barcelona, Spain she had a little photoshoot, was about and about with her boyfriend and dad-to-be and was seen at the airport in Barcelona as well. Besides some old candids from June 30 (out in New York) were added as well.

001~269.jpg 003~228.jpg 004~206.jpg 007~145.jpg 010~115.jpg

010~116.jpg 019~66.jpg 028~47.jpg 048~35.jpg 074~23.jpg

001~271.jpg 002~255.jpg 003~230.jpg 004~208.jpg 005~185.jpg

002~256.jpg 009~122.jpg 023~57.jpg 037~42.jpg 056~31.jpg

322~2.jpg 324~2.jpg 326~2.jpg 329~2.jpg 331~2.jpg