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Gallery Update | Candids 2019

Gallery Update | Candids 2019

I’m truly sorry for the break and lag of updates. I had a kinda stressful time, but Shay Mitchell Daily is back! And I’m back with lots of amazing candids. Enjoy these cool candids from August and September in the gallery now.

001~287.jpg 007~155.jpg 010~124.jpg 013~99.jpg 014~92.jpg

001~288.jpg 001~288.jpg 001~288.jpg 001~288.jpg 001~288.jpg

002~269.jpg 004~219.jpg 007~156.jpg 011~116.jpg 012~108.jpg

001~290.jpg 003~245.jpg 010~126.jpg 012~109.jpg 015~89.jpg

001~291.jpg 004~221.jpg 005~198.jpg 012~110.jpg 019~71.jpg

001~292.jpg 003~247.jpg 005~199.jpg 009~134.jpg 011~119.jpg

001~293.jpg 003~248.jpg 005~200.jpg 006~181.jpg 007~160.jpg

001~294.jpg 002~274.jpg 004~224.jpg 005~201.jpg 006~182.jpg

001~295.jpg 002~275.jpg 003~250.jpg 004~225.jpg 001~295.jpg

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Gallery Update | Appearances 2018

Gallery Update | Appearances 2018

I’m so happy and excited to share lots of new/old photos of Shay with you. This time: Appearances & Events from 2018. Some may noticed that the gallery (specifically A&E’s from 2018) were last updated in January 2018 and I’m happy to present 1,477 HQs with you. Hope you enjoy these photos.

033~3.jpg 045~4.jpg 61057231_dsera-01.jpg 61089740_dsera-09.jpg 61089755_dsera-011.jpg

004~32.jpg 013~9.jpg 022~4.jpg 045~5.jpg 099.jpg

001~48.jpg 002~47.jpg 003~40.jpg 004~33.jpg 005~28.jpg

001~49.jpg 002~48.jpg 003~41.jpg 004~34.jpg 005~29.jpg

002~49.jpg 007~21.jpg 008~17.jpg 012~12.jpg 014~8.jpg

001~51.jpg 002~50.jpg 003~43.jpg 001~51.jpg 002~50.jpg

001~52.jpg 002~51.jpg 003~44.jpg 001~52.jpg 002~51.jpg

003~45.jpg 006~26.jpg 017~6.jpg 028~5.jpg 039~6.jpg

002~53.jpg 003~46.jpg 007~23.jpg 012~14.jpg 014~10.jpg

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Gallery Update | Photoshoots 2018

Gallery Update | Photoshoots 2018

I’m always looking around to find some new/old photos of Shay so I can share them with you. Since the gallery was last updated in January 2018 I felt like it was about time to share some 2018 Photoshoots with ya’ll. 322 HQs from various photographers were added for you to enjoy!

001~156.jpg 002~151.jpg 003~134.jpg 001~156.jpg 002~151.jpg

001~155.jpg 002~150.jpg 003~133.jpg 005~107.jpg 007~88.jpg

002~73.jpg 003~66.jpg 004~54.jpg 006~41.jpg 007~36.jpg

003~131.jpg 005~106.jpg 010~71.jpg 014~49.jpg 018~40.jpg

002~147.jpg 005~105.jpg 007~86.jpg 009~71.jpg 012~56.jpg

001~154.jpg 002~149.jpg 003~132.jpg 004~117.jpg 001~154.jpg

004~55.jpg 008~33.jpg 011~26.jpg 016~14.jpg 020~13.jpg

001~150.jpg 002~145.jpg 003~128.jpg 004~113.jpg 001~150.jpg

002~146.jpg 004~114.jpg 007~85.jpg 017~38.jpg 024~29.jpg

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Gallery Update | Candids 2018

Gallery Update | Candids 2018

Would you like to take a look back to Shay’s year 2018? Part one of this is available now: Candids of Shay from 2018 can now be found in the gallery. In total 668 HQs of Shay seen out and about, running errands and more were added for you to see.

001~62.jpg 002~60.jpg 003~53.jpg 001~62.jpg 002~60.jpg

002~61.jpg 004~42.jpg 005~36.jpg 008~23.jpg 009~22.jpg

002~62.jpg 007~28.jpg 011~20.jpg 027~9.jpg 053~3.jpg

001~65.jpg 002~63.jpg 003~56.jpg 004~44.jpg 005~38.jpg

001~66.jpg 003~57.jpg 005~39.jpg 009~24.jpg 014~15.jpg

003~58.jpg 005~40.jpg 006~34.jpg 009~25.jpg 011~22.jpg

001~68.jpg 005~41.jpg 006~35.jpg 016~13.jpg 021~11.jpg

001~69.jpg 002~67.jpg 005~42.jpg 008~28.jpg 010~24.jpg

001~70.jpg 002~68.jpg 003~61.jpg 004~49.jpg 005~43.jpg

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Gallery Update | Appearances 2019

Gallery Update | Appearances 2019

Since the gallery wasn’t updated in a while I felt like starting off with Appearances & Events from 2019. All the recent attendences of Shay were added to the gallery. About +150 HQs from this year can now be found in the gallery and I hope there’s a lot more to come.

001~24.jpg 002~28.jpg 003~26.jpg 004~23.jpg 005~18.jpg

001~25.jpg 002~29.jpg 001~25.jpg 002~29.jpg 001~25.jpg

014~5.jpg 017~3.jpg 038~2.jpg 050~0.jpg 077.jpg

001~27.jpg 001~27.jpg 001~27.jpg 001~27.jpg 001~27.jpg

001~41.jpg 002~41.jpg 003~36.jpg 001~41.jpg 002~41.jpg

001~42.jpg 002~42.jpg 003~37.jpg 001~42.jpg 002~42.jpg

001~43.jpg 001~43.jpg 001~43.jpg 001~43.jpg 001~43.jpg

001~44.jpg 002~43.jpg 001~44.jpg 002~43.jpg 001~44.jpg

004~31.jpg 007~19.jpg 009~14.jpg 024~3.jpg 037~3.jpg