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First of 2020

2020 is here. A new decade, still the same pretty Shay. This year she attended three events already, and was part of Ashley Graham’s podcast Pretty Big Deal. Enjoy the photos!

004~271.jpg 009~161.jpg 019~82.jpg 023~69.jpg 030~51.jpg

001~384.jpg 002~344.jpg 001~384.jpg 002~344.jpg 001~384.jpg

001~385.jpg 002~345.jpg 001~385.jpg 002~345.jpg 001~385.jpg

001~386.jpg 002~346.jpg 004~272.jpg 006~218.jpg 007~193.jpg

001~387.jpg 002~347.jpg 001~387.jpg 002~347.jpg 001~387.jpg

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