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Gallery Update | Late 2019

Welcome back to Shay Mitchell Daily. I’m truly sorry for the lag of updates the past months. So many things have changed in my life and I hardly have had time to update anything. But, 2020 is going to be a whole different thing. You can find all the latest appearances and candids from late 2019 in the gallery, with adorable cameos of Atlas, Shay’s amazing baby.

001~364.jpg 002~327.jpg 001~364.jpg 002~327.jpg 001~364.jpg

001~365.jpg 004~262.jpg 008~166.jpg 018~80.jpg 021~74.jpg

001~376.jpg 006~210.jpg 008~168.jpg 010~147.jpg 014~105.jpg

001~377.jpg 002~336.jpg 003~301.jpg 006~211.jpg 010~148.jpg

001~378.jpg 003~302.jpg 004~266.jpg 005~236.jpg 009~157.jpg

001~379.jpg 003~303.jpg 005~237.jpg 006~213.jpg 007~188.jpg

001~380.jpg 003~304.jpg 004~268.jpg 005~238.jpg 007~189.jpg

001~381.jpg 003~305.jpg 008~172.jpg 011~137.jpg 017~87.jpg

001~382.jpg 002~341.jpg 015~102.jpg 017~88.jpg 026~57.jpg

Besides lots of candids I’m also happy to share LOTS of photoshoot extras from late 2019. Some were shot during Shay’s pregnancy, some after baby Atlas was born. Anyways, lots of amazing photos are waiting for you.

001~367.jpg 003~297.jpg 004~263.jpg 007~184.jpg 008~167.jpg

001~368.jpg 002~331.jpg 003~298.jpg 001~368.jpg 002~331.jpg

001~369.jpg 001~369.jpg 001~369.jpg 001~369.jpg 001~369.jpg

009~154.jpg 010~146.jpg 009~154.jpg 010~146.jpg 009~154.jpg

001~370.jpg 001~370.jpg 001~370.jpg 001~370.jpg 001~370.jpg

001~371.jpg 001~371.jpg 001~371.jpg 001~371.jpg 001~371.jpg

001~366.jpg 002~329.jpg 003~296.jpg 001~366.jpg 002~329.jpg

001~372.jpg 002~334.jpg 001~372.jpg 002~334.jpg 001~372.jpg

001~373.jpg 002~332.jpg 001~373.jpg 002~332.jpg 001~373.jpg

001~374.jpg 002~333.jpg 003~299.jpg 001~374.jpg 002~333.jpg

001~375.jpg 001~375.jpg 001~375.jpg 001~375.jpg 001~375.jpg

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